Solutions for monitoring your ships and fleets

Management and monitoring solutions are becoming increasingly important in the maritime sector. With our robust maritime solutions, you can implement various applications to cost-effectively upgrade and easily optimize existing boats, ships or fleets.



Management and monitoring solutions

We offer individual management and monitoring solutions for a wide variety of boats such as charter boats, fishing boats, yachts or work boats and much more. Completely according to your requirements.

Remote monitoring Maritime

Remote monitoring

The vessel's location and other system information is continuously monitored and can be displayed on your PC or mobile device at any time. Use the collected data to reduce costs, increase reliability and optimize the use of the vessel or fleet.

Motor data monitoring

Engine data monitoring

Engine data, available e.g. as J1939 or NMEA2000 parameters, are continuously monitored and evaluated. If predefined values are exceeded or not reached, an alarm is generated and the user is notified.

Battery management

Battery Management

Batteries are a critical component in a vessel and a simple voltage measurement is often not sufficient to get a reliable assessment of their condition and functionality. With an intelligent battery sensor, battery voltage, current and temperature are continuously monitored.

Fuel consumption monitoring

Monitoring fuel consumption

Through the combined use of smart electronic devices and appropriate sensors, you can also continuously monitor and evaluate parameters such as fuel consumption and the various tank levels (fuel, water, etc.) to optimize costs and improve the on-board experience.

NMEA 2000 monitoring

NMEA 2000 monitoring

Data available over the NMEA 2000 network such as GPS, depth, wind and compass can be easily decoded and used for real-time monitoring or trip analysis.

Motion detector monitoring, motion detector surveillance

Motion Detector Monitoring

With an additional motion detector, you can be warned of unwanted visitors at any time. This is done conveniently via a notification on your smartphone. This way you know if someone is on your vessel and can take appropriate action.

Application examples

NMEA 2000 and J1939 compatible

Cockpit und Dashboards Maritime

Cockpit and dashboards

The MConn 7 collects and visualizes the data of the boat that the user needs from the engine, systems or sensors, such as fuel consumption, position of the boat, distance traveled, speed and more.

Central Control Maritime

Central control

The waterproof and robust CC16WP controller with IP 6K8 protection class can be used for various applications in boats and ships that need to be centrally controlled such as engine controls, hydraulic systems or sidelight control.

Decentralised control system Maritime

Decentralized control Use

The compact Micro PLC can be used for decentralized control such as wind measurement by sensors or control of motor winches for flags or anchors.

Your advantages of MRS Maritime solutions

Suitable for retrofitting

Suitable for retrofitting

The maritime solutions are especially suitable for retrofitting your boats or ships. Here we offer simple, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Compact design

Compact design

High functionality in the smallest installation space. The compact, robust products offer you a high degree of flexibility. They are easily programmable and individually adaptable to a wide range of applications.

Made in Germany

Products Made in Germany

Modern manufacturing technologies as well as internationally recognized certifications for products and production - we create high-quality solutions Made in Germany.

Sustainability and the environment

Sustainability & Environment

With our solution, emission levels become measurable and can be tracked and monitored via a cloud solution. Reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment.


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