MRS Electronic launches improved Micro Gateway

The new Micro Gateway is the 2nd product of the MRS 32-bit generation and a compact module for all control units in your automotive applications. With its help, the signals of the control units and communication-capable actuators can be easily routed or translated from the LIN bus to the CAN bus and the other way round.

The core piece, the 32-bit processor, provides you with higher performance and thus secure routing and gateway functionality at high bus loads. Thanks to the reduced housing size, you can now also use the gateway in standard relay boxes with a height of 40 mm. The 2 I/Os are now also PWM capable. Implement larger and more complex programs and applications by increasing the flash memory to 2 MB. The RAM has also been increased from 12 KB to 256 KB. This gives you even more memory to temporarily store the higher amount of data.

The Micro Gateway is available in several variants: 2 x CAN bus + 2 x LIN or 2 x I/Os. You can find more detailed information here:

Notice: With our software tool Applics Studio, you can program the functions yourself quickly and easily.