Find a Suitable Relay for Your Application

Do you need to control a turn signal or flasher, switch off the interior lighting after a predefined time, operate the windshield wiper, monitor the battery voltage, and much more? Then control your vehicles with our relays.

Relays are electromechanical switches and are used to turn circuits on and off. They offer the ability to control a circuit with high voltages and currents with a small circuit.

Application Examples of Different Relays

Whether Voltage Monitors, Time Relays, Solid State Relays, Pulse Relays or Flashers – we offer you a wide product portfolio of relays in which you will also find the suitable one for your application. Let the following application examples inspire you.

Voltage Monitor: You can use the Voltage Monitor to monitor your batteries, voltages are defined when the battery is switched on or off. They are also used, for example, in fire engines, rescue vehicles, or construction machinery.

Time Relay: Use our Time Relays to switch features on and off in a defined time range. With the Time Relays, you can keep a fan running for a defined time or keep the interior lighting activated for a defined time, and switch radios on or off after a defined time.

Solid State Relays: Solid State Relays are the proven alternative to classic, mechanical relays. They are wear-free thanks to their integrated semiconductor component and can be used, for example, to control motors or fans with higher currents.

Flashers: The flasher enables directional and warning flashing. Failure of the flasher is signaled by increasing the flashing frequency. In addition, you can also use the flasher in the windscreen wiper area for a simple clock frequency.

Standard relays: You can use our standard relays such as the micro relay or the standard relay to control lamps, motors, or fans.

Are you looking for a suitable relay for your application?

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