Individual IoT solutions for monitoring, networking and data transmission of vehicles

Connect your machines, plants or entire vehicle fleets with our MRS IoT system. Our connectivity solution can be used in all vehicles and will make your application more efficient. The MRS IoT solution is suitable for both - new vehicle development and vehicle retrofitting.

Possible functions could include monitoring sensors and their generated values, organizing and monitoring vehicle fleets, live data monitoring of your vehicle, Big Data analysis based on generated data and defined scenarios, and better planning based on predictive maintenance.

Telematics solutions

Determine and transmit your vehicle data with our telematics products and let vehicles communicate with each other. All information is collected in our cloud platform and is shown the way you need it.

Compact telematics module - Connected Logger*

The Connected Logger is a compact CAN bus logger with analog inputs that enables simple logging function. The logger's internal flash memory stores the data and/or sends it to a remote host or server using the online mode. The data can be sent to the cloud platform "Spoke.Zone" via WiFi, Bluetooth or the mobile network or to a third-party platform.


*Coming soon

Telematics module Connected logger
MConn7 telematics module and display

Telematics module and display in one - MConn 7

The MConn is more than just a display. It is equipped with numerous wired and wireless interfaces, including CAN-Bus (2x), LIN-Bus, GPS, WiFi, GSM and Bluetooth. The MConn can be used as a display, telematics module and/or as a controller. It features a powerful 32-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 2D, 3D and Vector graphics hardware acceleration. Freely programmable, the MConn can be customized via its embedded Linux to display, e.g., RPM, speed, fuel level or other data. The multi-touch PCAP touchscreen can also be used to implement functions such as pinch-to-zoom, rotation, flick and much more.

Display, manage and analyze telematics data

Use our telematics modules in combination with Spoke.Zone, the customizable cloud platform. Telematics data can thus be displayed, managed and analyzed in real time.


Customizable Cloud Platform - Spoke.Zone

Our customizable IoT platform Spoke.Zone is a web-based application for showing, managing and analyzing your vehicle data. With easy management and configuration of connected vehicles or an entire fleet, the application is ready to use without programming knowledge. Real-time data analysis is also possible, such as current fuel consumption and location. Optimizations in the field, for example route optimization, resource monitoring can thus be realized. In addition to monitoring vehicle data and its effects, you can also use geo-fencing functions and push notifications. You can also get Spoke.Zone as an individual white-label option.

Cloud platform Spoke.Zone

Fleet management

Engine monitoring and optimization

Engine monitoring and optimization

By displaying and optimizing engine utilization, maintenance intervals can be determined more easily. This saves costs and protects the environment.

Fuel optimization

Fuel optimization

By monitoring speed as well as driving style, you can calculate and optimize fuel consumption for each route.

Route optimization

Route optimization

The GPS function allows you to avoid traffic jams and optimize fleet freight management.

Your advantages of our connectivity solution


For new and existing vehicles

Integrate our solution easily and cost-effectively even in older vehicles.

Multi-purpose touchscreen display

Multi-purpose touchscreen display

Use the versatile configurable dashboard for a wide range of applications or as a central control unit.

Real-time data analysis

Real-time data analysis

Analyze and monitor real-time data in customized dashboards.


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