Embedded Software

Hardware based programming and development services for your applications

In addition to hardware product development, we also offer software development and product programming services. Embedded software is an important part of our products.

We develop basic software like application software and GUI support tools for our own hardware as well as for those of our customers. Our strengths are especially in application development with the interfaces CAN- and LIN-Bus.

Software Tools

Software tools

We offer various user-friendly tools for the self-contained development of embedded software. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the Applics Studio or Developers Studio, among others, enables you to perform user-friendly graphical programming for which almost no programming knowledge is required.

Software Engeneering Technologies


For embedded projects we mostly work with C-Code, while PC/desktop applications are preferably programmed in C# with the .NET framework. A modern user-friendly design is provided by our UI/ UX experts.

Software custom engineering

Custom projects

Software development projects are based on the needs and requirements of our customers. In order to offer you the fastest possible implementation, we also cooperate with external service providers for isolated projects, if required.

Your advantages of our embedded software solutions

 Electronics expert

Deep understanding of automotive electronics

We are specialized in automotive electronics applications. With over 20 years of experience in programming and developing a wide range of microcontroller applications, we are experts in this area.



Depending on customer and project requirements, custom projects can be developed together with our customers or completely executed by us. With our broad software development team, we can meet your specific requirements. Always using the latest tools and technologies.

Testing and Quality

Testing and Quality

To ensure optimum quality and maintain a high standard, every piece of software we create is subjected to a demanding testing process, including static code analysis, software erosion, system tests in defined environments, acceptance tests and test automation.


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