Your qualified manufacturer of OEM products

In automotive manufacturing, special requirements apply to quality and manufacturing processes. We have been certified with the IATF-16949 standard since 2017 and are therefore your qualified manufacturer of OEM products. Use our MRS controllers to control electric drives or use our MRS gateways for error-free communication between your bus systems.

By auditing our development and work processes, you can use parts of our product ranges directly without an initial test procedure, thus saving valuable time. Our MRS modules offer you a high level of quality and reliability.


Automotive Categories

Automotive special equipment

Special equipment

Use our controllers for the special equipment of your vehicles to control electric drives. Possible functions include trailer control or comfort functions.


Automotive standard equipment

Standard equipment

Use our gateways as a central interface for networking your controls in your standard equipment. Our gateways enable error-free and secure communication between your different bus systems.

Automotive retrofit


Implement all retrofits in your vehicles with our gateways and relays. For example, various lights and sirens for emergency vehicles or conversions for disabled vehicles.

Automotive modification


With our compact controllers you can control actuators of your conversions and add-ons in the modification. Thereby you achieve an improvement in performance and individualize your vehicle.


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