HMI Application Development

Development of customized application software for HMI systems

In addition to our HMI Systems of the MConn and TConn line MRS Electronic offers the development of custom Application software. We support system-near application development in C, C++, Qt/QML as well as Webapp Frameworks such as Flutter or React.

Platform Agnostic Development

We offer platform agnostic development (iOS, windows, android). Therefore the HMI’s application can be mirrored and also be used on an iPad or other external devices. The operator is not bound to the HMI in his vehicle. With this cross-platform development the same source code can be used like in the Application for the MConn.

Custom User Interface (UI) design can be offered with Designers that can create low and high fidelity designs.

Application Software Migration

Outdated systems

Addressing Outdated Systems

Legacy systems often rely on obsolete languages, frameworks, or windowing systems, making it challenging to find knowledgeable talent. These systems typically feature dated UIs that lack the fluid animations, context-sensitive controls, and responsive interactions seen in modern applications.

Seamless migration to Qt

Seamless Migration to Qt

Migrating to Qt offers a robust solution, regardless of your current language, operating system, or framework. When a significant portion of your development time is spent adapting to new platforms or incorporating new requirements, it’s time to consider a transition. While it’s natural to delay replacement, postponing migration can increase complexity over time.

Strategic approach to migration

Strategic Approach to Migration

Our approach to software migration involves careful planning and selective updating. We retain valuable, custom-developed assets and replace outdated components, particularly focusing on the user interface, which often requires the most modernization.

Advanced Migration Techniques

We specialize in migrating from older, widget-based systems like Qt 4 to modern, non-widget-based systems like Qt 6. This process, known as migrating from legacy to modern applications, ensures your software remains current and competitive. Additionally, we offer services to migrate applications between different languages and frameworks, such as transitioning from C++ to Qt or vice versa.


Why MRS Electronic

Expertise in Vehicle Applications

Expertise in Vehicle Applications

At MRS Electronic, we specialize in the development of industrial applications using robust frameworks like Qt and QML, alongside other proven industrial technologies. Our collaborative approach involves close cooperation with our clients' product managers and developers. By swiftly establishing the application infrastructure, we enhance development speed and provide additional capacity, significantly reducing time-to-market.

Agile Development

Agile Development

Our agile development methodology ensures the creation of innovative products. We often manage both the application and operating system levels concurrently, eliminating interface discrepancies and enabling seamless functionality across different layers. This integrated approach allows us to achieve notable synergies when implementing features that span both the operating system and application.

Comprehensive System-Level Services

Comprehensive System-Level Services

In the area of application development at system level, we carry out a thorough requirements analysis at the beginning, including the selection of a suitable architecture and technology. We develop and implement unit tests, integration tests and system tests for you. In addition, we automate tests and ensure continuous integration and delivery processes. On top of this, we provide you with detailed architecture and application documentation.


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