Emission monitoring

Monitoring exhaust emissions from vehicles, boats and mobile machinery

Our diesel exhaust emissions monitoring system is a complete, stand-alone solution for diesel engine retrofit and compliance with emissions and environmental regulations. It is designed to monitor the diesel particle filter of your on/off-road vehicles and boats by continuously measuring, displaying and logging NOx levels, exhaust gas temperature, counter-pressure (DPF) and engine speed. If necessary, you can initiate appropriate countermeasures to reduce NOx gases and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

Monitor your emissions

Emission monitoring evaluates the emission values received from the sensors and compare them with preconfigured settings. If there is a deviation in these values, user intervention in the form of maintenance or service is required. The system alerts the user with a visual and acoustic alarm and stores the incident.

Emission monitoring

Application areas of the Emission Monitoring System

The Emission Monitoring System can be used in a wide range of applications - on-road, in construction machinery (off-road), in mining or in the marine sector. The focus is on the implementation of environmental standards and compliance with limit values, especially for older vehicles and vessels. With our in-house developed hardware and software, we create a perfectly coordinated system that is tailored to your needs.

Maritime emission monitoring


With our emission monitoring solution, you can retrofit old diesel engines of boats and ships such as tourist boats, yachts, commercial ships or cargo ships. Emission levels become measurable and can be tracked, monitored and showed in a cloud web application.

Mining emission monitoring


In the mining sector, especially in underground mining, it is particularly important to monitor the air pollution generated by the various mining machines. Our MRS solution can be used in a wide variety of machines to monitor engine and DPF filter levels. Among others, our solution has already been used in underground mining in Australia since 2014.

Construction industry emission monitoring

Construction industry

Our solution is also particularly well suited for retrofitting the legally required DPF monitoring in the construction machinery sector. Use our products in a wide variety of mobile work machines and record the exhaust gas values of your diesel engines.

Your advantages of our MRS solution

MRS solution for retrofits and the environment

Ideal for retrofits and the environment

Our solution is particularly suitable for retrofitting old diesel engines in existing vehicles, off-road machines and boats. With our products you reduce CO2 emissions, comply with regulations and protect the environment.

Complete system or individual products

Complete system or individual products

Whether individual products or the complete solution for projects. We provide a one-stop-service - from design and development to production and support.

Knowhow and experience

Knowhow and experience

We offer you the best expertise in form of in-house software and hardware developments and several years of cooperation with various experts in the field of exhaust gas aftertreatment.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Modern manufacturing technologies as well as international certifications for products and manufacturing - we create high quality solutions Made in Germany.


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