Hardware Development

Custom hardware designs for your application

We develop standard and custom hardware for electronics according to ISO standards at our Headquarters in Rottweil, Germany, but also in the USA and Pakistan. From small and compact vehicle electronics modules such as controllers or relays to user-friendly wall boxes and large and comprehensive test systems for power semiconductors. For a wide variety of applications, whether simple or complex, we have been realizing individual hardware designs for many years and meeting your requirements from prototyping to series production.

Hardware Development Collaboration Engineering Services

Close cooperation

We work closely with our customers during the development phase. To meet the demand perfectly, the defined requirements are precisely coordinated with the in-house production, product validation and software departments during development.

 Testing and qualification

Testing and Qualification

We support you from prototyping to series production. Before the hardware goes into series production, prototypes are created in our production department and then EMC and environmental tests are executed in our own test laboratory.

State-of-the-art tools Hardware development Engineering Services

State-of-the-Art Tools

We use appropriate simulation tools to simulate the circuits in advance and use 3D models to check whether the product meets the requirements and can be optimally installed in the application.

Function Safety, ISO, IATF

Functional Safety Designs

If required, our hardware development and manufacturing follow the Functional Safety standards, i.e., functional or technical safety for motor vehicles in accordance with ISO standard 26262. In addition, our hardware has CE and/or ECE R10 approval.

Complete solution

Complete solutions

Complete solutions for standard products as well as for individual customer projects. In addition to the development of hardware, you will also receive developed software and validation according to your requirements. Completely according to your demands and individually for your application.


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