Construction Machinery

Robust solutions for use under extreme environmental conditions

Generally, construction equipment is exposed not only to extreme mechanical vibrations but also to various weather conditions during its operation. We offer weather-resistant and durable relays, gateways and controllers that are already successfully used in numerous construction machines. Whether valve, windshield wiper, hydraulic, axle or lighting control - with our compact controllers you can perfectly use your application in the field.


Construction machinery

Construction Machinery Categories

Construction vehicles

Construction Vehicles

Pavers, dozers, dumpers, excavators or construction site dump trucks - there are integration opportunities for MRS products everywhere. Use our compact modules, for example, as a control function in your seat heating system, for the control function of your soil compaction or for the safety monitoring of the quick-change system of your excavator.

Construction machinery Cranes


No matter if mobile vehicle cranes or stationary cranes like overhead travelling cranes or slewing cranes - use our MRS products in your inclined elevators, lighting and sensor reading.

Construction equipment

Construction equipment

Cover many applications in your drills, rammers, vibrators, etc. with our MRS products. Use our robust modules to measure your cooling water temperature, to control your fault lights or to stop starts when limits are exceeded.

Construction machinery plants


Use our rugged MRS controllers even in harsh environments of your mixing plants for concrete, semi-mobile plants and mobile machines like drum mixers or screening plants. Our controllers are particularly well suited for the demanding conditions and process your measured values such as temperature, Hall or ultrasonic sensors.


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