Sensor Processing

Individual solutions for data processing of vehicle sensors

For the processing of sensor data we offer a complete product portfolio of controllers and gateways. In addition to reading and logging data, these can be converted and forwarded with controllers and gateways into a current, CAN- or LIN-bus message. In interaction with a controller, programmed actions are executed if required.

Processing of different sensor data

Whether in the automotive area, agricultural vehicles, construction machinery, municipal or special vehicles - in the field of sensor processing, our controllers and gateways can process the most diverse sensor types and control the required functions. We will find the perfect solution for your application.

Detection of objects

Use the MRS products in the area of object detection and process the information from ultrasonic sensors, inductive and magnetic proximity switches, capacitive sensors or mechanical precision switches.

Monitoring of process values

Monitor the measured process values of your vehicle sensors such as temperature, pressure, level, or flow. Based on this, you can have required actions processed automatically, such as automatically adjusting the fan speed depending on the hydraulic oil temperature or switching off a feed pump when a predefined fill level is reached.

Angular position control

Let your vehicles use MRS controllers to evaluate and process data from inclination sensors. In this way, log and control the angular position of mobile machines such as the alignment of an elevating work platform or the pallet fork of a telescopic loader.

Measure forces and strains

Measure forces and strains on your mobile working machine and prevent operating errors or damage, such as cranes tipping over or drive train overloads.

Processing distance information

Process distance information from ultrasonic distance sensors, inductive distance sensors or radar sensors, e.g., in the area of ground distance control or during material-friendly opening and closing of hydraulic rear walls.

Evaluation of ambient data

Let the vehicle sensor evaluate and process the surrounding data. For example, the MRS products receive information from the rain/light sensor about rain intensity or brightness and automatically control the windshield wiper or vehicle lighting depending on this.

Sensor data processing at Rosenbauer International AG

MRS solution for Rosenbauer Panther

Rosenbauer is the world's leading manufacturer of firefighting technology for fire protection and civil protection management, such as fire engines and firefighting equipment of all kinds. MRS facilitates various applications in the PANTHER, which is one of the most successful, efficient and variable airport fire fighting vehicles worldwide.

RLS evaluation

RLS evaluation

The rain/light sensor tells the vehicle whether it is currently raining and if there is water on the windshield. The MRS control system evaluates this information and the PANTHER's windshield wiper is automatically activated in wet conditions.

Extinguishing agent display

Extinguishing agent display

A CAN-Bus message is sent to the MRS controller to indicate the tank level in percentage. This message is converted and displayed on a LED-bar on the outside of the vehicle.

Your advantages of the MRS solution

Flexible input circuits

Flexible input circuits

The MRS controllers offers you very flexible input circuits. The CC16WP can process a wide range of information such as voltage, current, CAN- and LIN-Bus values.

Waterproof and robust products

High functionality even under extreme environmental conditions

The waterproof rugged products with protection class up to IP6K8 offers you high flexibility. They are also easily programmable and highly customizable for a wide range of applications.

Made in Germany

Products Made in Germany

Modern manufacturing technologies as well as internationally recognized certifications for products and manufacturing - We create high quality and durable solutions.

Several years experience

Years of experience

Benefit from years of experience and cooperation with well-known customers from various areas of automotive electronics, also for customized solutions.

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