Secure your systems with the 32-bit products from MRS Electronic

In today's networked world, securing your systems and networks is more important than ever and is becoming even more important due to UN regulations. We offer you secure solutions to protect your applications and devices from unauthorized access and manipulation.

Our MRS products have already been integrated into numerous cybersecurity systems. This is because our 32-bit-based MRS products are cybersecurity-capable. Regardless of whether you need gateways for monitoring and filtering CAN bus messages, are looking for secure I/O solutions or want to implement a protected cloud connection. We have the right solution for you and implement customer-specific solutions according to your cybersecurity requirements.

Cybersecurity solutions from MRS

Our implementation of cybersecurity requirements

Secure Boot

Secure Boot

Our bootloaders with signature validation ensure that only authorized firmware runs on your devices.

[Translate to English:] Kryptographie

Strong Cryptography

We use recognized cryptographic standards and offer you support with integration.

[Translate to English:] Software Lifecycle Management

Software Lifecycle Management

Clear versioning and update functions guarantee you long-term security.

[Translate to English:] Authentifizierte Kommunikation

Authenticated Communication

Protect your CAN bus messages with authentication to prevent unauthorized access and manipulations.


Your advantages with MRS Electronic

Experience and competence

Experience and Competence

With years of experience in implementing cybersecurity projects for leading automotive manufacturers, we are experts in this field.

Customized solution

Customized Solutions

Our freely programmable controllers offer you the flexibility to develop customized cybersecurity solutions that are tailored precisely to your requirements.

Cybersecurity-capable products

Cybersecurity-capable Products

Our products with 32-bit processors are cybersecurity-capable and therefore an essential step towards securing your systems.

Standards and best practices

Standards and Best Practices

We adhere to international standards such as ISO21434 and UNECE R 155 to ensure that your solutions both meet current requirements and are future-proof.


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