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MRS offers a wide range of individual and innovative electronics solutions for various industries and vehicle applications. Here you will find all new products at a glance.

MConn Mini

Small and robust HMI system for your applications

With its 2.4-inch color display, the MRS MConn Mini is the smallest of the MConn series. The product can be programmed according to your requirements and can be used for a wide range of applications, including as a display outside the driver's cab. You can freely define your desired functions for the 4 capacitive buttons.

Individual programming

Individual programming according to your requirements

Sensor data acquisition and display

Sensor data acquisition and display

Display outside the driver's cab

Optimal as a display outside the driver's cab

Capacitive buttons

Flexible defining of your functions to the 4 capacitive buttons

MConn Mini


Compact connected controller for your hydraulic applications

The 2-fold proportional valve controller with CAN bus is used for the continuous control of two consumers and is particularly used for the regulation of proportional valves. It is required for many hydraulic applications and realizes because of its two outputs double functionality with the same installation space. CAN High-Speed enables data exchange between the modules and ensures easy integration into existing systems.

Continuous control of 2 consumers

Continuous control of 2 proportional valves

Hydraulic applications

Perfect for your hydraulic applications

Double functionality with the same installation space

Double functionality with the same installation space

Integration into existing systems

Easy integration with your existing systems


Motor Controller 7.5 A CAN DTM

Robust motor controller for controlling your DC motors

The Motor Controller 7.5 A CAN DTM is used for the control of DC motors. Due to the free programmability and the compact design, you can implement a wide range of applications in the smallest of spaces. In combination with the DEUTSCH DTM connector, it offers you robust quality and is ideally suited for extreme environmental conditions.

[Translate to English:] Ansteuerung von Gleichstrommotoren

Optimal for the control of DC motors

[Translate to English:] Individuelle Programmierung

Freely programmable according to your requirements

[Translate to English:] Doppelte Funktionalität bei gleichem Bauraum

A wide range of applications in the smallest of installation spaces

[Translate to English:] Robuste Qualität

Robust quality due to DEUTSCH DTM plug

Motor Controller 7.5A CAN DTM

Micro Gateway CS

Gateway for switching information between the local interfaces

The compact Micro Gateway CAN Serial complements existing systems and mediates or manipulates information between local interfaces (CAN, RS232/485). It provides a 1-Wire interface that can be used to connect an iButton reader for authentication or tracking.


Information transfer between interfaces

Mediates or manipulates information between the local interfaces

i-Button Reader

1-Wire interface for the integration of an iButton reader

High functionality in the smallest installation space

Highest flexibility in the smallest installation space with versatile application possibilities

Individually programmable

Individually programmable with our Developers Studios

Micro Gateway CS

Micro Gateway 32-bit

Space-saving gateway for automotive applications with higher performance

The new Micro Gateway is a compact gateway for automotive applications. The core piece, the 32-bit processor, provides you with higher performance and thus secure routing and gateway functionality at high bus loads. Thanks to the reduced housing size, you can now also use the gateway in standard relay boxes with a height of 40 mm. The 2 I/Os are now also PWM capable. Implement larger and more complex programs and applications by increasing the flash memory to 2 MB. The RAM has also been increased from 12 KB to 256 KB. This gives you even more memory to temporarily store the higher amount of data.

Higher Performance

Higher performance due to 32-bit processor

Compact housing

High flexibility in a compact housing

Complex programs

More complex programs through flash memory increase to 2 MB

Routing/ and gateway function

Secure routing and gateway functionality at high bus loads

[Translate to English:] Micro Gateway 32-bit

DEUTSCH DTM Connector Variants

Robust and compact controllers with DTM connector for your applications

DEUTSCH DTM Connector Variants

Experience robust solutions for your demanding environmental conditions with the new MRS DEUTSCH DTM connector variants. 

Your advantages:

  • High reliability and robust quality
  • Suitable for use in extreme agricultural environments
  • Use under extreme temperatures and high humidity



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