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The new CAN I/O Rev.G

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CAN I/O Rev. G Controller
CAN I/O Rev. G Controller
CAN /IO Rev. G Features
CAN /IO Rev. G Features

MRS Electronic now has CAN I/O PLC with cover blade

With the new Revision G, MRS Electronic now also has a CAN I/O PLC with cover blade in its product range. One more reason to opt for the compact MRS-Controller All-Rounder.

The versatile CAN I/O PLC also has the same technical features as the G revision. The module is equipped with 14 inputs and outputs and an operating voltage range from 9 to 30 V. In addition to eight I/Os that can be configured as inputs or outputs, there are six further analog inputs.
Practical: The CAN I/O PLC can be used as an I/O module in a CAN network as well as a stand-alone and intelligent PLC.

The extended CAN I/O PLC (Rev. G) offers significantly higher protection against accidental contact and thus a better IP protection class thanks to the new cover balde. The additionally reduced quiescent current consumption can save valuable energy. The most versatile MRS product CAN I/O PLC can be used in all control applications.

Advice: With the product change also the previous article number had to be adapted. Therefore, in the version of the MRS Developers Studio the database must be updated in order to be able to use the new version of the CAN I/O in the projects. The guide can be found on the product page under "Downloads".

Further product information and ordering options for the new CAN I/O PLC are now available at the product site: