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Graphical programming of the 32-bit product family

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Software Programming Tool MRS Applics Studio
Software Programming Tool MRS Applics Studio

How are the CAN controllers of the 32-bit product family programmed? Products with 32-bit processors are programmed using the graphical programming software MRS Applics Studio or, for more complex applications, using C code.

The MRS Applics Studio is the programming tool for connected controllers of the 32-bit generation from MRS Electronic. With the graphical programming environment developed in-house and the simplified display of commands and functions, you can program your application quickly and easily.

The software programming tool MRS Applics Studio at a glance:

  • Intuitive graphical programming interface and detailed documentation
  • No detailed programming knowledge required
  • Simple and time-saving programming of the MRS modules
  • CAN, LIN or I/O processes can be easily adapted and functions can be developed quickly
  • New software updates or additional functions can be installed directly

If required, we also offer training courses to help you learn how to use the programming tool.

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