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MRS becomes even more international

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At the end of 2018, we set ourselves the task of making MRS broader and more international in the future. It's easy to set goals - achieving them is the art. But we are on a very good path.

After the foundation of MRS Electronic d. o. o. in Croatia, another step towards MRS-International followed in spring 2019. With the foundation of MRS Electronic TOV, we are establishing a sales and competence centre in Ukraine. In addition to Kiev, another location has already been established in the coastal city of Odessa.

We want to approach international markets not only with our own subsidiaries, but also with additional sales partners. With Distec Ltd from Manchester we now also have a distribution partner in England. Distec Ltd is a subsidiary of the Swedish group EG Electronics from Spånga.

Our clear goal for the future is to position ourselves as an international company.


Vehicle electronics exhibition dates

Konya Agriculture

Konya Agriculture
March 14-18
Konya, Türkiye


Warsaw Bus

Warsaw Bus
April 4-6
Warsaw, Poland


automechanika Istanbul

automechanika Istanbul
June 8-11
Istanbul, Türkiye



June 28-29
Cologne, Germany


Camper Caravan Show

Camper Caravan Show
September 29 - October 1
Warsaw, Poland


busworld Brüssel

busworld EUROPE
October 7-12
Brussels, Belgium


Construction Machinery

Construction Machinery Exhibition
October 10-12
Warsaw, Poland


[Translate to English:] Agritechnica

November 12-18
Hanover, Germany


E-mobility exhibition dates

[Translate to English:] E-Mobilität Wiesbaden

February 24-26
Wiesbaden, Germany


e-mobility World

eMobility World
March 15-19
Friedrichshafen, Germany


Expo 5020

E-XPO 5020
March 24-26
Salzburg, Austria


imobility Stuttgart

April 13-16
Stuttgart, Germany