MCharger Wallbox – now with user authentication

The MCharger wallbox, for charging electric vehicles, is now also available in the Connected variant – perfect for using by several households or the office. MCharger Connected is a smart wallbox with user authentication, RFID and, if several chargers are connected in one line, also load balancing. This allows to adapt the power to the electrical grid conditions.

No matter which electric vehicle, our MCharger wallbox provides a user-friendly charging experience. The MCharger Connected models are up to 22 kW with Type 2 socket or 5 meters long cable and Type 2 plug. Owners/Users can adjust max charging power in a web application if needed.

The new version provides user management with up to 128 user accounts with 2 RFID cards per user. You can see each user’s charging patterns and get full overview of the charging history.

Overview of the MCharger Connected features:

  • Charging power up to 22 kW
  • RFID authentication
  • User management with charging history
  • WiFi, LAN and Bluetooth connection
  • Web application
  • Load balancing incl. prioritization
  • Static and dynamic power limitation

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