Smooth charging of e-vehicles with the MCharger Wallbox

As electric cars are becoming more important to reduce CO2 emissions so does the question of how to charge all these vehicles in both private and public areas. With more than 20 years of experience in the production of smart electronics, MRS designs its e-mobility solutions innovative, robust and reliable to meet the needs of today’s customers and technological requirements.

With the MCharger Wallbox models as well as accessories, MRS provides a smooth and reliable charging experience equipped with the latest technology Made in Germany. From the easy installation and user-friendly color display to the robust housing designed by Plastimat GmbH in Germany which features an IP54 protection class.

The MCharger Wallbox is currently available in two standard models Easy S and Easy C, which are best suited as a high-quality entry level solution, especially for use in private households. The “S” variant comes without a charging cable whereas the “C” model also includes a 5 m Type 2 charging cable. Discover the MCharger Easy variants now:

In addition, the enhanced MCharger Connected S and Connected C models are currently being developed for use by several consumers, for example in public areas such as apartment or office buildings. The Connected models are expected to be available in May 2022. Learn more about the MCharger Wallbox and accessories now: