Successful Girls‘ Day at MRS Electronic in Rottweil

The annual Girls’ Day took place on April 28, 2022 in our main location in Rottweil, Germany. The day is intended to motivate girls and women to take up technical and scientific professions. Because despite better school-leaving qualifications, girls still overproportionately often opt for occupational fields or fields of study in which there is a very high proportion of women. The MRS Electronic participated here for the first time and was able to give a total of seven interested girls insights into the professions in the field of software and electronics.

The focus was on introducing the “MINT” professions, short for mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology. Because exactly these occupational fields play a central role at MRS Electronic. Currently, the MINT professions in the company are predominantly carried out by men.

Therefore, the employees and trainees gave the participants an understanding of the training and study opportunities in the fields of electronics, computer science and mechatronics. By participating in Girls’ Day, MRS is doing its utmost to get young women and girls interested in these fields and to improve the image of technical professions free of gender stereotypes.

On this year’s Girls’ Day at MRS Electronic, the participants were offered an interesting program. In addition to the company presentation and the company tour, the girls could also gain practical experience in the training workshop. As a souvenir of the day, the company logo was soldered and made to glow with the help of a circuit board and several LED lamps.