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MRS Starter Kits rental action

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MRS Starter Kits rental action
MRS Starter Kits rental action

Borrow your desired MRS product for a period of 6 weeks and test it for your purpose - before you buy it.

The Starter Kit is a set consisting of a high-quality module, the corresponding software with programming adapter and a matching cable set and connector package. With the MRS Starter Kit you can test the functions of our controllers in advance, check if the module meets your requirements and if it is suitable for your vehicle applications. Convince yourself of the features of our MRS products.

Ask for your desired Starter Kit, we will send it to you, you test it and after the time has expired you can send it back to us comfortably.

The Starter Kits are currently available for rental in the following versions:

Would you like to learn more or request a Starter Kit? Feel free to contact us at