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The latest 32-bit CAN controllers

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The latest 32-bit CAN controllers
The latest 32-bit CAN controllers

Control systems play an essential role in enhancing the performance and safety of mobile machinery. They connect components such as sensors and actuators.

In contrast to 8- and 16-bit systems, control units with a 32-bit processor architecture offer even more computing power, resulting in faster computing cycle times and a higher memory capacity. This is essential, especially for complex applications.

The 32-bit CAN control units also improve scalability and flexibility during development and enable precise diagnostics of the systems in the vehicle.


Hydraulic systems require precise control of valves and pumps, which is achieved through higher computing power. Together with the implementation of complex control algorithms, for example, the load on the connected mechanical components is significantly reduced. "Similarly, the smooth control of DC motors improves the precision of linear actuators or servo motors," says Alexander Sagel, Product Manager at MRS Electronic.

32-bit CAN systems from MRS Electronic allow vehicles to be adapted to different application scenarios. Adaptive light management, for example, can help to make work easier and safer depending on the ambient light and working conditions.

Modern mobile machines are using more and more sensors to record the machine status in order to automate process steps. CAN controllers are required to record, process, interpret and forward the sensor data. The CAN protocol enables efficient communication through message prioritization. The 32-bit systems also offer advantages in terms of addressing, configuration and fault diagnosis. Overall, this leads to more robust communication and increased reliability in electromagnetically demanding environments, which reduces downtimes.


All products with 32-bit processors are CAN FD-capable, most are even AEF-ready for ISOBUS task controller applications and are also suitable for the efficient implementation of cybersecurity requirements. In the long term, 32-bit processors also offer more security in procurement.

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The products are programmed with MRS Applics Studio, a graphical programming software, or with C code for more complex applications.